Mulch and Bark Blowing Hoses

Mulch and bark blowing hoses demand high levels of abrasion resistance and maneuverability. You can’t afford downtime because of a hose failure. We offer the top-of-the-line mulch and bark blower hose that easily attach to your mulch blowers, are 80% lighter (4” hose is 0.75 lbs./ft.), and 33% more flexible (6”CL bend radius) than conventional hoses, reducing worker fatigue.    

The Flex-Tube PU urethane hose provides you with a clear smooth interior and a drag-resistant spiral ABS helix wear strip that operates over a -40°F to 200°F range, allowing the hose to remain flexible in colder temperatures for early spring and late fall jobs. The Flex-Tube PU includes FAST, FREE SHIPPING within one to two business days in the continental United States.

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