Municipal Leaf Vacuum Hoses

Few environments are tougher than those for municipal landscaping and leaf collection. Having a durable flex hose free of holes, and strong enough to handle highly abrasive debris attached to your truck loader is essential for public works cleanup. The Flx-Thane HD, Flx-Thane VHD, and Flex-Tube PU 60 HF are the ideal heavy-duty municipal leaf vac replacement hoses. These premium polyurethane hoses are lighter than standard rubber hoses yet are capable of handling the high throughput from municipal leaf vacuums more efficiently. With wide temperature range features, they will withstand heavy use in the intense sun produced heat as well as freezing wintery conditions. Manufactured with wall thicknesses between 0.045" to 0.060", the hoses also provide and retain maximum abrasion resistance, tear strength, and superior flexibility in these hostile environments. The smooth clear interior wall allows users to watch fall debris seamlessly flow through and find any rare clogs that may occur.

The Flx-Thane HD, VHD, and Flex-Tube PU 60 HF are available in a wide variety of small and large diameters between 2" to 18" as well as lengths between 6' to 25' long. Your new municipal leaf vacuum hose choice will Ship Fast And FREE to your door within the continental United States. Before you know it your town or city streets will be clean. Click on the link below to learn more about each option, and choose your hose diameter and hose length.

NOTE: All hoses are measured by the fully stretched out length.