Furniture & Woodworking Industry

We know the importance of keeping your woodshop facility free of dust that can cause workplace injury so you can build beautiful furniture safely and efficiently. After all, a few of us have small shops of our own at home. With the proper hoses connected to your dust collection ducts, you can prevent harmful sawdust buildups in and on machines as well as on shop floors. 

We maintain a huge selection of industrial woodworking hoses in a wide variety of diameters and hose lengths. Whether you utilize your woodshop intermittently or you’re in the furniture industry, we have the right hose to connect to your dust collection ducts. We ship these top-of-the-line hoses FAST AND FREE anywhere within the continental United States. Additionally, we have a trained Customer Service Support Center available every day if you have any questions about any of the hoses or applications. 

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