Residential Leaf Vacuum Hoses

Wholesale Hoses stocks a wide range of landscape hoses to meet all of your residential lawn and leaf collection needs. Having a residential leaf vacuum hose that will last more than one season is crucial. Tested for ease-of-use and durability, these leaf vacuum hoses are great for moderate too heavy yard debris collection. The Flex-Tube PV is a standard PVC option that will provide great flex and moderate abrasion resistance, while both the Flex-Tube PU and LCDC are tough enough to withstand the abuse of commercial leaf collection. The Flex-Tube PU is manufactured with polyurethane, providing it with great durability and twenty times more abrasion resistance than the standard PVC leaf vacuum hose. The medium weight high-performance black polypropylene bled LCDC, is an economical choice for leaf and lawn collection with abrasion resistance comparable to the PU. Additionally, the long flex life of the LCDC makes it the ideal leaf collection hose for tow-behind leaf vacuums that swing while turning left or right. With a wide variety of residential leaf and lawn vacuum replacement hose diameters in cut to length sizes so you don't have to buy more hose than you need.

Whether you choose the PVC, highly flexible LCDC, or the incredibly durable Urethane hose, your new hose will Ship Fast, FREE, and Next Business Day, which means you'll be up and operating in no time.

Best Residential Leaf Vac Hoses By Lawn Vac Connection
Order Value Best Single Hitch Connection Leaf Vac Hoses Best Dual Hitch Connection Leaf Vac Hoses (non-tow-behind leaf vacs)
Best LCDC Flex-Tube PU
Better Flex-Tube PU Flex-Tube PV
Good Flex-Tube PV LCDC (Not Compatible With Cyclone Rake Models)


Click on the links below to select the hose type and to learn more about the material specifications or to order. If you are still not sure which option is best for your leaf vacuum, give us a call at 844-217-8302 or chat with us below. We look forward to helping you.

NOTE: All hoses are measured by the fully stretched out length.