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Is there a difference between ducting and flexible hose?

Ducting typically implies larger diameter, low pressure applications usually involving air. Flexible hose suggests small to large diameter hose that can handle vacuum, as well as, slightly higher pressures than standard ducting.  Flexible hose is ideal for handling air, fume, dust and light weight material handling applications. Flexaust manufactures a variety of flexible hose & ducting with a wide range of vacuum, pressure and temperature ratings.

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How Can I Make Sure I Get The Right Hose?

If you use Stamp, you should have no problem finding the right hose for you.

 Size: Specify the I.D. of the hose or duct required

 Temperature: Specify media temperature (°F) 

 Application: Specify if Air, Fume, Dust and or light weight materials will be  flowing through the hose. 

 M Media: Specify what media is going through the hose.

 P Pressure: Specify type of pressure. Positive (psi), Negative (inches Hg.)           and/or inches w.g. 

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How do I search by Handling?

Below is a chart that breaks down the four handlings into more precise categories.



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