At our core, we pledge to deliver to you:

  • Guidance and expertise in helping you select the right products for your application.

  • Top quality, U.S. made products, shipped to your location for free. 

  • Pricing that reflects our commitment to efficiency and enhancing your bottom line.  


Customer Service:

There are a few different things that go into making a company a great business to work with. Arguably the most important is their customer service. A company could have the best product, with the best pricing, but if their customer service leaves something to be desired are you going to want to work with them in the future? We don't think so either. Here at Wholesale Hoses we strive to bring you the whole package. We pair our extensive and thorough knowledge of all things hoses together with our outstanding customer service. If you are ever unsure about what the best hose or accessory may be for your specific application, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to give you our professional recommendation.

Fair Pricing:

All our products are priced in a way that aims to leave you feeling good about purchasing with us. There are many different factors that go into our decision to price the way we do, with the end goal of providing you with the best products at a fair and reasonable cost. If you ever have any questions about the way we have priced any of our products, or if you are concerned with the pricing of a similar product you have found elsewhere, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call us at 844-217-8302, or send us an email at We welcome the conversation. 

Military Discount:

It’s always a pleasure to support the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve, in our military service and as first responders. We thank you for your commitment to our great country and are proud to offer a special discount for those who qualify.
For orders under $200, we will offer a 5% discount, and for orders over $200, we will offer a $25 discount. Again, we thank you for your service and appreciate being your hose supplier. 

Fast & Free Shipping:

If you live in the contiguous United States, your order will ship for FREE. Always. Never worry about having to put another project on hold again. Your order will ship out either UPS, FedEx Ground or Freight in the time stated under your hose choice. Once your order ships, depending on your location, it will only take 1-5 business days to be delivered to you. Once your order leaves our factory you will receive a confirmation email containing tracking information (unless it ships freight), so you will know exactly when to expect it. 

Responsible Marketing:

Wholesale Hoses is serious about your right to privacy and our responsibility to protect it when you share that information with us. When you provide personal or sensitive information to Wholesale Hoses you can be confident it will stay confidential and protected. We will never rent, sell, or share your confidential information with anyone. Our marketing practices are conservative and designed to help you make an educated decision about our products, not to overwhelm you. We use a wide variety of advertising channels so you could see us on Google, Facebook, TV, magazines, catalogs, or in banner ads (display advertising). If you ever decide you would like to be removed from our files send us an email at or call us at 844-217-8302. We will take care of it right away.